Or should that say: reWORLDbuilding?

I just broke 6k words on The Lost Son, and I’ve realized that I’m essentially writing what amounts to a new book entirely. Yes, the story is the same, but this time, I’m writing it the way I want to write it. I backed up the timeline to 10 years prior to the original book (published under Mychael Black), and that’s where things will stay. I wondered, at one point, how I was going to move the story timing forward by a decade, but then I realized I won’t need to. So, as I’d stated before, if you read The Lost Son, Dragonblade, and/or Retribution, well… you’re gonna wanna read this. Same plot, but VERY fleshed out world and characters. I’m incredibly happy with where it’s going. 🙂

That said, if you want to read a little snippet, check out the latest public Patreon post!

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