New fantasy series!

In an effort to restart my dormant muse, I'm developing a completely new series titled Cerulean Daughters. My mom (after reading my notes) said it sounded like a cross between King Kong and A Handmaid's Tale. My husband said it had Gorean aspects. Honestly, it is a good bit darker than things I've done before,… Continue reading New fantasy series!

Socendor Update

I know, I know. I'm a tad behind. In the midst of rewriting The Lost Son completely, I got some help with sorting out a few things. (Thanks, Mama!) Now there is a new book 1 in progress, and The Lost Son is officially book 2. Heretic will be book 1, and it will lay… Continue reading Socendor Update


Or should that say: reWORLDbuilding? I just broke 6k words on The Lost Son, and I've realized that I'm essentially writing what amounts to a new book entirely. Yes, the story is the same, but this time, I'm writing it the way I want to write it. I backed up the timeline to 10 years… Continue reading Rebuilding

Socendor Rewrites

I forgot how nerve-wracking it is to rewrite a book (not to mention an entire trilogy, but one book at a time). The first big step is done: renaming the race of people who are ostracized elf-human offspring. They were once called Lithings (no idea why I ever came up with that name), but now… Continue reading Socendor Rewrites