About the Author

A bit about Katherine…

Katherine Cook has been an avid fantasy nut all her life, and she places the “blame” squarely on J.R.R. Tolkien. At the age of nine, she devoured The Hobbit and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. She never looked back.

Although this isn’t her first foray into writing, it’s the path she always wanted to take. So she decided to stop procrastinating and just do it.

Katherine lives in Delaware with her husband, two of their three grown children, an elderly dog, and a psychotic cat. Katherine and her husband welcomed their first grandchild from their middle daughter who lives in West Virginia with her husband.

When she’s not dreaming up worlds, Katherine is usually playing computer games, learning to crochet, watching forensic shows, or working on schoolwork for her Associate’s degree.

Katherine Cook is the alter ego of gay romance author Mychael Black and het romance author Carys Seraphine.