Socendor Rewrites

I forgot how nerve-wracking it is to rewrite a book (not to mention an entire trilogy, but one book at a time). The first big step is done: renaming the race of people who are ostracized elf-human offspring. They were once called Lithings (no idea why I ever came up with that name), but now they are Koleri. MUCH happier with that name, I must say.

In terms of actual writing, I know what I need to do, but getting it started is proving… difficult. I broke down the book (The Lost Son) into separate chapter files and saved them into one folder. Then I made a new folder and saved a new Chapter One file. Basically, I’m backing up the story timeline significantly, well before the main characters’ relationship began in earnest.

This is no longer a romance, as it was written under Mychael Black. I’m stripping out huge chunks (especially the numerous sex scenes, though not all) and completely rewriting the whole thing from the ground up. I’m doing this as I originally intended, instead of thinking readers would rather have more sex scenes. This will be the fantasy novel *I* want to read, one with a fully-realized romance between the two main male characters, but one that does NOT center on said romance.

In The Lost Son, Kalen and Micheil just happen to be gay. It’s not integral to the plot at all; it’s just who they are. They aren’t the only ones, but for books 1 and 2 – The Lost Son and Dragonblade – they are the main ones. Books 2 and 3 do include another gay couple, but, again, not integral; it just… is.

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