Socendor Update

I know, I know. I’m a tad behind.

In the midst of rewriting The Lost Son completely, I got some help with sorting out a few things. (Thanks, Mama!) Now there is a new book 1 in progress, and The Lost Son is officially book 2. Heretic will be book 1, and it will lay out the story of how things started (going downhill) in Socendor. It will cover how Breasal came into power, and it will follow Kalen throughout most of his childhood.

Is this an ambitious undertaking? You betcha. But it needs to be told, I think. It will help readers know who is who and how Socendor fell under the rule of a madman.

I have NO clue how long it will take. My muse is popping back up, so I’m taking advantage as I can.

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