It has begun…

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I know, that sounds (reads?) a bit ominous, but it’s true. I got back from the Pet ER (elderly pup with a nasty arthritis flare-up) around 2:30-ish in the morning. While trying to, you know, sleep, the muse decided 2:50 AM was a great time to toss in a tiny bit of dialogue and scene that won’t even happen until later in the book. So… I typed up that bit in my phone and finally managed to sleep. I just put it into a new folder called Bits in Scrivener. (Gods, I love that program!)

So today, I plan on starting book one, and I even have what I think will be the opening scene. The book will actually start with the MC (main character) when he’s about 14. From there, it follows him for several years through a lot of trials and tribulations. So I suppose you could call this a coming-of-age story?

Anyway, time to wake up and get this show on the road!

2 thoughts on “It has begun…”

  1. I know right? I started the trial version not thinking much of it, because how much more do I need other than a word processor?

    I was so wrong. Can’t imagine starting on other books any other way.

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    1. Exactly! I have lots of author friends who use it, but I never quite understood why. Now I do. Not just for the word processing part, either. The brainstorming, the organization. Even the ability to tack up pics for place/character inspiration! I just started book one in the regular editor part, and I love it. No need to switch between various windows/programs if I need to reference a pic, map, or notes. Buying the full version was definitely money well spent.


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