Coming out of retirement

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I suppose the alternative title for this post could be ‘Why now?’ I originally wrote as part of the gay romance genre, but after so many years, I enjoyed it less and less. I lost the drive and love of it. And that scared me. After a while, I realized I just couldn’t keep going and risk putting out books I really didn’t care about anymore. I mean, if I didn’t like the story, then I knew my readers would notice and probably follow suit. I basically burned out.

However, I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I knew I couldn’t ignore it for too long. This time, though, I’m finally telling the inner critic, that has plagued me for so many years when it comes to writing fantasy, to screw off. It’s a long process, to be sure. But it’s past time for me to get on track again.

Fantasy has been a love all my life. As my bio states, I blame Tolkien wholeheartedly. Now it’s time for me to put pen to paper (literally and figuratively) and write the fantasies I’ve always known I had to write.

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